"A good wine is merely the sensory expression of the terroir", says the winemaker. It is the richness of terroir, that is, an estate's physical features that lets the earth of a vineyard nurture fruit - fruit that can be alchemised into a liquid that's much more than just grape juice. It gives a wine its soul, its character, its connection to its place of origin.

It is the tangible physical aspects of the environment, the invisible weave of culture and our deep personal relationship with a place.

My work is a reflection of this spirit of place. One which demands to feel the meaning of what we are doing and to celebrate that meaning, to unite the artists’ internal philosophy with the development of the materials and conditions available – this is when my works are created.

As artists and educators we need to make students aware that they already come to us with a point of view. A view that influences and transforms what we tell them. A view that is relative and constantly changing. It is a point of departure not of arrival. Our vocation is to help the next generation make sense of this world and, hopefully, to help them make it a more human place for the spirit to flourish.